What to Wear – Boudoir photo shoot Brisbane

Here are some more ideas on outfits to bring to your boudoir photo shoot Brisbane.

boudoir photo shoot Brisbane


This is such a simple outfit that ladies may not even think of when planning their boudoir outfits, but it is a great choice and has an ‘effortlessly sexy’ look about it.

boudoir photo shoot Brisbane

Mismatch bras and undies

Again, another thing that ladies may not have considered themselves, but if you like to mix things up and be a bit different then this is a great way to be sexy and unique at the same time.


boudoir photo shoot Brisbane

Net bodystocking

This outfit is not for the faint at heart. You have to be quite daring to go for an outfit like this, but if your aim is to be provocative then this is a great outfit choice. It is also a good choice if you are using your photos for promotional purposes and want to wear something different, as there are many styles available – net dresses, bodysuits or bodystockings. These aren’t usually found at your shopping centre lingerie stores. Instead you will want to search online sites such as www.yandy.com, www.fantasylingerie.com.au or visit your local sex shop.

boudoir photo shoot Brisbane

Dress up outfits

Another great idea if you are wanting a unique outfit for your shoot. There are so many styles to choose from. You will find dress up outfits at lingerie stores like Bras n things, online lingerie shops and sex shops.

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