Brisbane Boudoir Studio

I have had my French Provincial bedhead for a few years now, and gorgeous as it is, I am ready for a change.  I will be doing something quite dramatic before the end of 2019, and replacing the studio bed with a gorgeous living room.  I am still in the seeking stage, and on the search for a classic and very elegant lounge suite to go with my chandelier.

I am drawn towards a velvet chesterfield sofa and matching chaise lounge or occasional chairs.  You would think that finding a chesterfield and matching chairs in the colour I want would be relatively easy, however it is proving quite difficult! Most of the chesterfields come in royal blues, bright greens and strong purples.  Whereas I am wanting a softer colour such as champagne, dusty pink or silver.  Light enough colour to be romantic and feminine, but dark enough to hide fake tan marks!  Mind you, I am also partial to a Hamptons style look as well.  If you happen to see some furniture that you think would suit me, please let me know!!!

I think the luxurious living room will be wonderful for creating classy boudoir photos.  And never fear, I will always have a bed setting as well, so that you can get the typical bed boudoir shots.

I have many previous clients who choose to come back time and time again to get their photos updated, and I am looking forward to having a new studio environment to create their gorgeous photos in soon!  In the meantime, if you love my current studio and want to shoot in it before the French Provincial bedhead disappears, get in touch.