Townsville Boudoir photography

I love shooting Townsville boudoir photography in this hotel room – the natural light is so glorious.  And as much as I love shooting in my Brisbane studio, it is always fun to explore a different location.

This beautiful lady was such a natural in front of the camera. She moved so gracefully, although she had never done a photo shoot before.  She had confessed to wanting to do a photo shoot for a while but every time she organised one with a photographer she would cancel at the last minute.  I can totally understand that.

Doubts always sneak up at the last minute.  When you book your shoot, a month or two away, it seems like a great idea – you know it will be something you will always treasure, and that your partner will definitely love it. But then it is a week away from your shoot and you are struck by how terrifying it is.  You try on all your outfits and decide you look horrible and doubt why you were even considering doing this.  You start beating yourself up and hating on yourself.

But try to go ahead with the shoot, despite those feelings.  Know that you will be nervous and that self-hate will probably try to rear its ugly head, but try not to listen to it.  Know that the nervousness will only last for the first few minutes of your shoot until you see what a total klutz I am and also that I am completely unintimidating. You know that feeling when you do something, even though you are really scared? And once you do it you think ‘why the hell was I so afraid?’. And you feel totally empowered? That is what you will get. Cause you felt the fear and did it anyway.

So what I am trying to say is … I am really grateful this beautiful client pushed past those thoughts and chose to go ahead with this shoot with me, it was an honour to photograph her.

As I am based in Brisbane, I am next photographing in Townsville in 2018.

Special thanks to Townsville hair and makeup artist Chloe Wheeler.

Townsville boudoir photography

Townsville boudoir photographyTownsville boudoir photography


Townsville boudoir photography

Townsville boudoir photography


Townsville boudoir photography

Townsville boudoir photography


Townsville boudoir photography


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Brisbane glamour photography of a beautiful inked girl

These images were taken at a hotel shoot weekend – where I book a hotel room and clients can use the hotel room, at no cost, for their Brisbane glamour photography shoot.  We were lucky enough to have both a huge balcony and beautiful natural light in the hotel room – two things I always look for when hiring a room to photograph in.

Here are just some of the beautiful images of Miss J that were taken recently.  Her tattoos are amazing, especially her Wonder Woman tattoo.

Thanks to Shannon of Shannon Jennings Makeup for the hair and makeup for these images.

Brisbane glamour photography

Brisbane glamour photography by Nikki Brown tattoo photographer

Brisbane glamour photography inked girl

Brisbane glamour photography tattooed Brisbane glamour photography by Nikki Brown Photography

Brisbane glamour photography tattoo photographer

Brisbane glamour photography of a beautiful inked girl

boudoir photography Brisbane

Brisbane glamour photography Nikki Brown

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Brisbane boudoir photography for Inked Girls

The combination of the modern hotel room, gorgeous natural light and my beautiful client really did inspire me during this Brisbane boudoir photography shoot.

There is something absolutely beautiful about white sheets.  I honestly could shoot for the rest of the year with just white sheets and not get bored.  That is how much I love them.  Lots of times girls bring so many clothes to their shoot but, in my opinion, simple can often work best.

This photo shoot was done just for a client, however during the shoot I realised it would also be the perfect fit for Inked Girls magazine.

Brisbane boudoir photography inked girls tear sheet

Brisbane boudoir photography inked girls magazine

I always feel anticipation and excitement when an Inked Girls issue comes out as I never know which of my images will make it into the magazine, until I actually see the magazine! I always send a sample of images from the shoot to the editor and, if she likes them, she will narrow them down to 8 or so images to be retouched for the magazine.  Although I know it will be some of those, it’s always exciting to open the magazine and see what has actually been selected.  I loved the ones chosen from this shoot.

Hair and makeup by Helena of Elegant Creations Hair and Makeup Artistry.

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How do I get in Inked Girls?

In the current issue of Inked Girls Magazine, the editor explains that half of the emails she receives ask the exact same question “How do I get in Inked Girls magazine?”  And her response was “There are photographers in each state who know what we’re looking for, and whose names you’ll see in nearly every issue of Inked Girls”.  Well my photographs have graced the pages of this amazing magazine for the last couple of years now.  And my images are once again featured in the latest issue.  So I definitely consider myself to be one of the photographers she is talking about! 

So to any girl who dreams of being in Inked Girls, I want to photograph you.  I can never guarantee that you will make it into the magazine, however I can assure you that I know what the magazine likes, and will try my hardest for you.  And at the very least you will have some beautiful images of yourself and your artwork.   

Congratulations Ally for being featured in the magazine for a second time.  Your natural beauty is sooo Inked Girls’ style.  And thanks to Helena, of Elegant Creations Hair and Makeup Artisty for Ally’s beautiful hair and makeup. 

Inked Girls Magazine

Inked girls


Tattoo photography in Custom Tattooz Magazine

Super excited to see my tattoo photography in print again, this time in the latest issue of Custom Tattooz Magazine.

Congratulations to both Ally and Jacqui for being published.  After the magazine saw these images, both girls were asked to be the face of Custom Tattooz Magazine at the Surf N Ink festival at the Gold Coast.  They were also invited to model for the Custom Tattooz Calendar.  I’m so happy for both of them.  In addition Ally entered the Miss Surf N Ink competition and ended up taking out second place … awesome work!

Check out Custom Tattooz Magazine at your local newsagency – it can inspire you with ideas for your next tattoo, good articles to read, and of course lots of photos of gorgeous inked girls.

More of my tattoo images are being published in the next issue of Custom Tattooz Magazine and also Inked Girls Magazine, so stay tuned.

Tattoo photographer Brisbane Gold Coast

Tattoo Photography Custom Tattooz

Miss Surf n Ink competition

From Friday 10 January to Sunday 12 January the Surf n Ink Tattoo Festival is being held on the Gold Coast at the Convention Centre.  Over the 3 days there will be entertainment, plenty of amazing tattoo artists and unique retailers.

At the Festival they will also be hosting the Miss Surf N Ink competition.  They are searching for the sexiest tattooed lady that loves their ink and the beach.  Would you like to be in the running to win awesome prizes including a photoshoot featured in Custom Tattooz Magazine? Just head over to and follow the instructions on how to enter this competition.

Inked beauty


Yay! Latest issue of Inked Girls magazine out now!

Yay! The current issue of Inked Girls magazine is out now at newagencies.

Congratulations to model Ally, and hair and makeup artist Jennifer Wilde, for being published in the magazine.

Inked Girls photo shoot

Brisbane boudoir photographer – featured in Inked Girls magazine

Gosh I love being a Brisbane boudoir photographer.  Several months ago, Ally emailed me to say she was interested in getting some boudoir photography done to show off her tattoos.  I shared with Ally that I had always wanted to do a bedroom shoot to submit to Inked Girls magazine, so she booked a hotel room in Brisbane CBD for a girls’ night out so that we could also use the room for the shoot.

It was obvious at the shoot that the photos were the perfect fit for Inked Girls magazine as Ally has a natural beauty that the magazine loves, great tattoos, and the hotel room was the perfect location.  I had so much fun photographing her.

I can’t wait to see some of these images in print in Issue 10 of Inked Girls, coming out in the next month or so!

To view more of my photos visit  Hair and makeup for by Jennifer Wilde.

Brisbane boudoir photographer Nikki Brown

Brisbane boudoir photographer - Nikki Brown Photography


Brisbane boudoir photography

Brisbane boudoir photography by Nikki Brown boudoir photographer

Brisbane boudoir photographer by

Brisbane boudoir photographer

Brisbane boudoir photographer Nikki


Are you after some beautiful photos of your tattoos?

I love shooting inked girls!  I recently photographed Jacqui, who is a part time model based on the Gold Coast.  Her tattoos were such beautiful artwork.  I envy tattoo artists for being able to create something that is appreciated every single day and carried around for all to see.  It must be such a rewarding job.

For any photographers out there who need a gorgeous tattoo model, I really recommend you working with Jacqui.  She has the longest legs I have ever seen, but even more importantly she really knows how to work it in front of the camera.

I’d love to photograph your tattoos for you!  Some images of Jacqui are below.  Visit my website to view more of my tattoo images.


inked girl photography

tattoo photography

tattoo photographer

tattoo photographer Brisbane

tattoo photographer Gold Coast


Calling all tattooed girls – Inked Girls Photography

I have just had my Inked Girls Australia magazine scanned so I can show off some of the photos that I have had published.  As I have mentioned before I am so in love with this magazine!  The girls always look confident and gorgeous – and the photography is so natural and raw.  I buy every single issue because I find it so inspirational.

Three of my clients have now been featured in Inked Girls and I have had 10 photographs published in the magazine.

If there are any tattooed girls out there I would love to do a photo shoot to capture your beautiful artwork.  I can also submit photos from your shoot to Inked Girls magazine and other tattoo magazines for possible publication.

Here are some of the magazine tear sheets of model Sara who was so amazing to photograph.  To see other published shoots visit the publications section of my website

Inked Girls Magazine  inked girls photography

Tattoo photographer Brisbane

Tattoo photography Brisbane