Perfection is the disease of a nation

Julia Roberts wrote this on her Facebook recently and it caused quite a response:

“Perfection is a disease of a nation. We overlay our faces with tons of make-up. We get botox and even starve ourselves to become that perfect size. We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s the soul that needs the surgery. It’s time that we take a stand. How can you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself? You have to be happy with yourself. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s whats on the inside that counts. Today, I want to put up a makeup-free photo. I know I have wrinkles on my skin but today I want you to see beyond that. I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are, the way you are, and love yourself just the way you are.”

Julia Roberts

Some of Julia’s words came from a song written by Sia and sung by Beyoncé called ‘Pretty Hurts’.  It is a beautiful song about loving and accepting yourself.  I love this version of it by singer Louisa Wendorff.    


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Behind the scenes at a boudoir photo shoot

Well I’ve been meaning to do a behind the scenes video for two years now.  It has taken me a little while to get around to it.  To be honest I was dreading it – because I had to be in front of the camera for once. And us photographers don’t like to be on the other side of the camera.

Thanks to my videographer, Kathryn of Oh Lola Productions.  And to my model Jen, who is a hair and makeup artists for Nikki Brown Photography and kindly offered to model.

This is a my behind the scenes video – giving you an idea of what your boudoir shoot will be like at Nikki Brown Photography.

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Townsville boudoir photography – a testimonial

Although I’m based in Brisbane, I travel several times a year for my Townsville boudoir photography shoots.  I am usually in Townsville in April, July and September each year.

I book out a hotel room for the weekend and have a blast shooting the lovely North Queensland ladies.  It is such a pleasure to shoot in the hotel room as it has such beautiful natural light and it provides a modern backdrop for your boudoir shoot.

Last time I was there I photographed some lovely girls, one of whom was Kristen.  Her reason for doing the shoot was as a birthday gift for her partner, who is in the army.  This is what she had to say about her shoot with me:

“Nikki I just want to take the time to thank you for your beautiful work. The photos are just perfect and the only thing I regret is not having enough money to purchase more because I’m just so happy with them!  

You made me feel like a star when I was getting the shoot done and now looking at the photos I’ve got a huge self confidence lift. Thankyou for everything right down to your communication and help you have provided along the way.”

Townsville boudoir photography shoot by female photographer Townsville boudoir photography by Nikki Brown Photography

Townsville boudoir photography by female photographer Nikki Brown

Townsville boudoir photography photo shoots by Nikki Brown

Townsville boudoir photography at modern hotel room

I shoot Townsville boudoir photography shoots in April, July and September each year, and I’d love to see you then.  To view more of my work visit

Brisbane boudoir photography for Inked Girls

The combination of the modern hotel room, gorgeous natural light and my beautiful client really did inspire me during this Brisbane boudoir photography shoot.

There is something absolutely beautiful about white sheets.  I honestly could shoot for the rest of the year with just white sheets and not get bored.  That is how much I love them.  Lots of times girls bring so many clothes to their shoot but, in my opinion, simple can often work best.

This photo shoot was done just for a client, however during the shoot I realised it would also be the perfect fit for Inked Girls magazine.

Brisbane boudoir photography inked girls tear sheet

Brisbane boudoir photography inked girls magazine

I always feel anticipation and excitement when an Inked Girls issue comes out as I never know which of my images will make it into the magazine, until I actually see the magazine! I always send a sample of images from the shoot to the editor and, if she likes them, she will narrow them down to 8 or so images to be retouched for the magazine.  Although I know it will be some of those, it’s always exciting to open the magazine and see what has actually been selected.  I loved the ones chosen from this shoot.

Hair and makeup by Helena of Elegant Creations Hair and Makeup Artistry.

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Swimsuit shoot clothing choices

I always try to educate my clients on clothing choices to bring to their shoot.  I find that otherwise girls will just bring bikinis to a beach shoot, although there are many different choices available to make your shoot look more interesting.  Here are a couple of ideas to spice up your swimsuit shoot, courtesy of Seafolly and model Gigi Hadid.

I love these rash vests currently on sale by Seafolly.  They can be zipped down to give a super sexy look.  And these Daisy Duke shirts are also great over a bikini, giving a natural girl next door look.

Gold Coast beach shoot

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Bridal boudoir photography – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Townsville

Bridal boudoir photography really is the ideal gift for your groom.  I loved photographing this gorgeous bride-to-be recently.  She wanted to create a gorgeous album to give to her groom on their wedding day.  I can guarantee that no guy will ever be disappointed receiving one of these albums and sure enough he absolutely loved it.

If you are getting married shortly then why not organise a bridal boudoir shoot? It is a wonderful momento of how beautiful you looked at the time of your wedding.  After all, chances are you have been working really hard to look good for your wedding, so it is really the perfect time for a boudoir shoot.  Not to mention that you and your husband will cherish the photos for years to come.

I love incorporating white lingerie and your engagement ring into my bridal boudoir photo shoots.  You are also welcome to bring any other items that would make the photos more special for you – so bring along your bridal veil and garter too.

Make sure to book your bridal boudoir shoot a couple of months prior to your wedding date, to allow plenty of time to receive your final album, so you can surprise your groom with it on your wedding day.

Here are some of the gorgeous photos from her photo shoot.

bridal boudoir photography by female photographer Nikki Brown Photography

Bridal boudoir photography Brisbane Gold Coast and Townsville   bridal boudoir photography by Nikki Brown Photography

Bridal boudoir photography groom gift

Bridal boudoir   bridal boudoir photography by Nikki Brown Photography of Brisbane

bridal boudoir photography perfect gift for groom

Boudoir Photographer Gold Coast  Bridal boudoir

Bridal boudoir photography Brisbane

Bridal boudoir photography Gold Coast  bridal boudoir photography Townsville

bridal boudoir photography by Nikki Brown

Bridal Boudoir photography by Brisbane photographer  Bridal boudoir photography by Gold Coast photographer

bridal boudoir photography for bride-to-be

Bridal boudoir  bridal boudor photography for bride

bridal boudoir photography closeup bridal boudoir photography silhouette

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Lots of swimsuit shoots

Swimsuit photo shoots have been very popular lately.  It’s a great chance to do something a little different to the normal inside glamour shoot.  Why not spend an afternoon like those Sports Illustrated models – lounging around the beach while I capture some beautiful images of you.

I can shoot in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast, as all you need is a bit of water and sand.  The weather is starting to get colder now, so make sure that if you are interested in a beach shoot to get in quick.

swimwear photos Brisbane

Swimsuit photographer

Bikini photo shoot Brisbane

Bikini photographer Gold Coast

Gold Coast swimwear photography

Tattoo photography in Custom Tattooz Magazine

Super excited to see my tattoo photography in print again, this time in the latest issue of Custom Tattooz Magazine.

Congratulations to both Ally and Jacqui for being published.  After the magazine saw these images, both girls were asked to be the face of Custom Tattooz Magazine at the Surf N Ink festival at the Gold Coast.  They were also invited to model for the Custom Tattooz Calendar.  I’m so happy for both of them.  In addition Ally entered the Miss Surf N Ink competition and ended up taking out second place … awesome work!

Check out Custom Tattooz Magazine at your local newsagency – it can inspire you with ideas for your next tattoo, good articles to read, and of course lots of photos of gorgeous inked girls.

More of my tattoo images are being published in the next issue of Custom Tattooz Magazine and also Inked Girls Magazine, so stay tuned.

Tattoo photographer Brisbane Gold Coast

Tattoo Photography Custom Tattooz

Brisbane Boudoir Photography

Are you looking for a special gift for your groom to open on the wedding night? Or perhaps its a present for one of those yearly events such as Valentines Day, his birthday or Christmas.  Whatever the occasion, any guy would be delighted to receive one of these magazine-style albums!

Boudoir Photography Brisbane

Featuring a beautiful image of you on the front cover, followed by 20 pages of seductive images throughout, this gift is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your loved one!

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Gold Coast beach shoots at the Spit

Well it’s summer again and that means lots of Gold Coast beach shoots! If you are a bit shy about your bikini shoot then I suggest doing your shoot on a weekday to avoid an audience!

One of my favourite magazines is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I love seeing all the beautiful images when this magazine comes out every February. The models look amazing and the photos are very natural.  I do find it quite funny though that the photographer, models and crew all fly first class overseas to an exotic location, and then you only see a bit of sand and water in the final photograph so it could have been taken at a local beach for all anyone can tell!

The main reason I enjoy shooting outside is that I can capture the blue sky in my photos, and also achieve that gorgeous windswept look.

Here are some recent shots I’ve taken at the Spit.   To view more of my work visit

Gold Coast beach shoots by Nikki Brown

Gold Coast beach shoots by Nikki Brown Photography