Why I wish I had done a bridal boudoir shoot

On my wedding day, my wedding photographer asked me if I would like some photos in my lingerie before I put on my wedding dress.  “You’ll never look this good again” he said to me.  “No way” I replied.  Partly because he was male and I didn’t feel comfortable.  But if I’m honest it was also because I saw so many flaws in myself and I was sure that someday I would look much better and then I would do it.  You know what they say about ‘someday’ … that it never comes.   

I was 21 years old at the time.  What a gift that would have been.  Yes obviously to my husband, but even more so to me.  What a gift to myself – to have had images from that time to look back on.

As women, we are always looking at our faults.  In our eyes, we will never be good enough. What I hadn’t realised was that I didn’t have to look like a model or have the perfect body to have beautiful photographs.  I just had to have a photographer who knew how to pose me and use flattering camera angles.  Who could guide me on what clothing to wear that would best flatter my figure.  

A couple of months before your wedding is the perfect time to book in your bridal boudoir photoshoot.  You deserve beautiful images of yourself, and you are perfect NOW.  Be kind to yourself. 

I saw this online and it really resonated with me.


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