Why everyone should purchase a boudoir photo album

I currently offer both digital image only packages and album packages, however I strongly believe every boudoir client should leave my studio with an album. So I have come up with 6 important reasons why you should purchase an album with prints, rather than solely purchasing the digital images.

1.  You have gone to all this effort – often purchased new lingerie, had a spray tan, and paid for your hair and makeup to be professionally done. Not to mention, you mustered the courage to do your boudoir shoot!  This is a once in a lifetime experience.  Which is why it is important to have a momento to look back on and treasure.

2. It saves you the hassle of doing it yourself. You may intend to print your images, but life just gets in the way.  We all have busy lives and it can be placed on the end of a long to do list.

3. For the best quality prints, with natural skin tone and correct exposure, you should always have your images printed through your photographer and their professional lab.  Please know that not all labs are equal!  Your local Kmart, Big W etc are vastly different in quality to a professional lab.

The importance of printing through a professional lab further hit home to me recently when I was given some prints from a family member’s wedding. Although the bride and groom had dark skin, their images were so blown out that they both looked as white as ghosts. Later they showed me their wedding album containing perfect prints. I couldn’t believe the difference in quality, so I questioned them – they confirmed that the album prints were printed by their photographer, and the prints I had been given were printed off their CD at their local lab.

4. Having your photos sent to a professional lab for printing also ensures the privacy of your images.  Boudoir images are very personal, therefore privacy is usually at the top of mind for my clients.  A professional lab deals with this style of images everyday and understand the need to respect the security and privacy of your boudoir images.

5. Technology is both our friend and foe. Technology changes so quickly. CDs and USBs won’t be around forever. Does anyone else remember floppy discs? It would be extremely difficult to access files on one of those now. Many new laptops no longer even include CD drives. Think of all the types of technology we currently use – how many will still be around in 50 years? Whereas your prints will be.  Not to mention, saved digital files can become corrupt over time and hard drives can crash.

6. An album is a fantastic way to display your photos while keeping your prints protected. You may choose to keep your album in a private spot, or alternatively you might choose to display them on a stand in a bedroom. I always include the high resolution digital images with my album packages too, so it really is the best option!

I hope this has helped you have some appreciation for the importance of purchasing an album of your boudoir shoot.

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