Valentines Day gift idea … for her and for him

Valentines Day gift idea

So guys I know it’s hard to come up with a great gift idea for Valentines Day.  Flowers … chocolates  …. well they are nice, but can feel a tad unoriginal.  How about giving your partner a unique present – one that not only she would love, but that you would love too!  Honestly I don’t know a girl alive who doesn’t want beautiful photos of herself.  Or a guy who doesn’t want to see them!!  Contact me for details of my gift certificates.

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Brisbane Boudoir Photography

Are you looking for a special gift for your groom to open on the wedding night? Or perhaps its a present for one of those yearly events such as Valentines Day, his birthday or Christmas.  Whatever the occasion, any guy would be delighted to receive one of these magazine-style albums!

Boudoir Photography Brisbane

Featuring a beautiful image of you on the front cover, followed by 20 pages of seductive images throughout, this gift is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your loved one!

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THE perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband

It’s always exciting to start a fresh new year with lots of ideas and goals. For the last few years I have only provided digital images and so in 2014 I’m keen to introduce some exciting new products.

So over the month of January I will be introducing my new products – with a different product every week.

This week I’m introducing the perfect gift for a boyfriend or husband. A SEXY calendar!  Yep its just like the calendars you can buy in the newsagencies but instead of starring all those glamour girls, it stars YOU. Finally, a sexy calendar that you won’t mind your partner oogling over.

Present for boyfriend or spouse

The 12 month calendar can start at any month so you can purchase it at ANY time of year. Each month features a glamorous photo.  Plus when you purchase the calendar package you receive the 12 digital images airbrushed to perfection.  The images are high resolution so you can print them as you wish. Contact me for further details.

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