How do I get in Inked Girls?

In the current issue of Inked Girls Magazine, the editor explains that half of the emails she receives ask the exact same question “How do I get in Inked Girls magazine?”  And her response was “There are photographers in each state who know what we’re looking for, and whose names you’ll see in nearly every issue of Inked Girls”.  Well my photographs have graced the pages of this amazing magazine for the last couple of years now.  And my images are once again featured in the latest issue.  So I definitely consider myself to be one of the photographers she is talking about! 

So to any girl who dreams of being in Inked Girls, I want to photograph you.  I can never guarantee that you will make it into the magazine, however I can assure you that I know what the magazine likes, and will try my hardest for you.  And at the very least you will have some beautiful images of yourself and your artwork.   

Congratulations Ally for being featured in the magazine for a second time.  Your natural beauty is sooo Inked Girls’ style.  And thanks to Helena, of Elegant Creations Hair and Makeup Artisty for Ally’s beautiful hair and makeup. 

Inked Girls Magazine

Inked girls


Calling all tattooed girls – Inked Girls Photography

I have just had my Inked Girls Australia magazine scanned so I can show off some of the photos that I have had published.  As I have mentioned before I am so in love with this magazine!  The girls always look confident and gorgeous – and the photography is so natural and raw.  I buy every single issue because I find it so inspirational.

Three of my clients have now been featured in Inked Girls and I have had 10 photographs published in the magazine.

If there are any tattooed girls out there I would love to do a photo shoot to capture your beautiful artwork.  I can also submit photos from your shoot to Inked Girls magazine and other tattoo magazines for possible publication.

Here are some of the magazine tear sheets of model Sara who was so amazing to photograph.  To see other published shoots visit the publications section of my website

Inked Girls Magazine  inked girls photography

Tattoo photographer Brisbane

Tattoo photography Brisbane