White sheets Brisbane boudoir studio

Hi, I’m Nikki, a female photographer specialising in boudoir. I love white sheet photos and I am dying to photograph more of them in my Brisbane boudoir studio! So I am now offering white sheet shoots. That’s right, the whole shoot, just you in white sheets!

A white sheet shoot might be for you if you:

– are looking for a no-fuss Christmas present for your loved one

– don’t want to spend $$$ on ridiculously expensive lingerie

– don’t want to plan out outfits

– want to look effortlessly sexy

– want to choose your comfort level, whether undies and strapless bra underneath, or completely nude

– want to just turn up on the day and use my white sheets, easy peasy!

Not sure if white sheet photos are what you are after? Look at some of my previous white sheet photos below:

White Sheets Brisbane Boudoir