Outfit ideas for Brisbane boudoir shoot

I’m on a mission to ensure everyone brings flattering lingerie choices to their Brisbane boudoir shoot.  Here are a few more of my suggestions for you.


A corset/bustier is one of my favourite outfit choices.  It is a girl’s best friend!

If you are concerned about your belly area make sure to skip those that leave a gap between the corset and your undies.  You want one that goes all the way to your undies.  Also if you are concerned about your belly, skip sheer corsets.

Brisbane boudoir shoot  Jewellery

Don’t forget to bring your jewellery to add that bit extra to your photos! Earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  Better yet match it to your outfits.

Brisbane boudoir shoot

White Sheets

Lots of clients buy a heap of new expensive outfits for their lingerie shoot.  But if you are wanting to save some money, while still achieving gorgeous photos, skip the expensive lingerie stores and instead use some white sheets for one of your outfit choices.  It is super sexy, and one of my favourite styles to photograph.

Brisbane boudoir shoot

A word about undies

There are so many styles of undies to choose from.  G-String, Brazilian, bikini cut, boy leg, high waisted just to name some.  So don’t limit yourself to just one style at your shoot.

Brisbane boudoir shoot

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