Why you should bring a shirt to your Brisbane boudoir photo shoot

I suggest to all my clients to bring a shirt to their boudoir photo shoot, to wear with undies. ¬†Here are some reasons why ….

Shirts say ‘effortlessly sexy’.

Brisbane boudoir photo shoot

Shirts say ‘girl-next-door’ and ‘relaxed and natural’.

Brisbane boudoir photo shoot

When they are teamed with undies they also say ‘I’m half undressed’ … and let’s face it, what guy doesn’t like that?

Brisbane boudoir photo shoot

Who would have thought shirts could say all of that? But they do! And that is why I love them for boudoir shoots ūüôā

BTW the photos in this blog post above are all white shirts, but that is merely coincidence so don’t let that limit you. ¬†Any colour shirt works great, as you will see from other examples below.

Here are some styles of shirts that work great for your boudoir shoot:

  • white singlets
  • oversized singlets
  • shirts with cute sayings
  • low cut tops
  • crop tops
  • sheer shirts
  • long white shirt
  • jackets or shirts that can be left open (eg has zippers or buttons)
  • jumpers or large shirts that fall off your shoulder

And here are some photo examples to help you visualise:

Brisbane boudoir photo shoot

I hope this helped convince you that a shirt, matched with some cute undies, is a great outfit to bring as one of your 4 selections.

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What to Wear to your Brisbane boudoir shoot

As I have been a boudoir photographer for many years I know a lot of tips on outfits to bring to your Brisbane boudoir shoot.  I upload these tips regularly to my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Today I want to talk about¬†stockings, as if clients aren’t informed they¬†may bring the¬†wrong types.¬†¬†Often they may just¬†grab a packet at the shop, without looking at the type or size.

My first recommendation is to bring hold-up stockings to wear with your suspenders.  The reason for this is that the stay-up stockings have a rubbery part underneath to help the stocking stick to your leg by itself, however this rubber also makes it very difficult to clip on the suspenders.  The rubbery part on stay-up stockings can also dig into the skin and this can be unflattering for thighs. So choose hold-up stockings to wear with your suspenders.

Often clients bring stockings that are too short, in which case it is hard for the suspender to reach the stocking.  That is why it is important that you choose the correct size.  If you are tall (over 170 cm) make sure to buy Tall rather than Average.

However something that I had not been aware of until recently is that stocking size is also dictated by weight, so if you are up to 60 kg then it is recommended that you purchase Avge, and if you are up to 80 kg then it is recommended you purchase Tall.

There are sometimes even Extra Tall or Plus Size stockings.  Please check the sizing charts if purchasing online, of ask a staff member if in doubt when purchasing in-store.

Brisbane boudoir shoot

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