Swimsuit photography Brisbane

Photographing environmentally is currently my favourite thing to do, and at the end of 2019 I had a number of requests for swimsuit photos by a pool, rather than on the beach.  What I love about pool shoots is that it can be very private, as opposed to a beach where there are normally other people around. This is important if you are quite self-conscious about being watched.  Of course home pools are ideal, however hotel pools can also have limited people around, especially if the hotel caters to business clients, rather than young families.  Also, the wind is much calmer by the pool, than by the beach, and there is also no sand to contend with!

Years ago when a client wanted to photograph at a hotel pool, we would need to ask the hotel for permission to be granted.  Now with the popularity of camera phones and Instagram, the hotels are much more laid back.

It is a great idea to do a lingerie shoot in a hotel room, and then have some extra shots by the pool.  I don’t charge any extra for this as I think it is great for my clients to have the variety. Alternatively if you have previously done a boudoir shoot, and wanting to do a second shoot, then a swimsuit shoot is a great idea to capture something different.

My aim is to do many more swimsuit shoots this year, and with summer here, now is the perfect time!

swimsuit photography Gold Coast

swimsuit photography Brisbane  swimwear photography Brisbane

swimsuit photography Brisbane

swimwear photography Brisbane

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Gold Coast swimsuit photography at The Spit

For Gold Coast swimsuit photography you always have your fingers crossed that there will be no rain or storms on the day of the shoot.  If there is likely to be rain, I am always happy to reschedule the morning of the shoot.

So we were really lucky on this day to have the most beautiful weather and clear blue skies.  There was also very little wind, which is a rarity at the Spit on the Gold Coast.

Thanks to Miss J for making this a fun swimsuit photography shoot – it was lovely to see her again and it is such a privilege to be chosen to take photos for her a second time.

Gold Coast swimsuit photography by Nikki Brown Photography

Gold Coast swimsuit photography by female photographer

Gold Coast swimsuit photography by female photographer Nikki Brown Photography

Gold Coast swimsuit photography at the Spit

Gold Coast swimsuit photography beach shoot

Gold Coast swimsuit photography with female swimsuit photographer

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Which swimsuit is right for you?

Surf Stitch has released these great guides for choosing swimwear for different body types – whether you are curvy, petite or busty.  You can find swimsuits to suit your body shape at  www.surfstitch.com.

Swimsuit photography Gold Coast

bikini shoots gold coast

beach photo shoots Brisbane

bikini shoots brisbane

swimsuit photography Brisbane

Beach photo shoots Gold Coast


Swimsuit shoot clothing choices

I always try to educate my clients on clothing choices to bring to their shoot.  I find that otherwise girls will just bring bikinis to a beach shoot, although there are many different choices available to make your shoot look more interesting.  Here are a couple of ideas to spice up your swimsuit shoot, courtesy of Seafolly and model Gigi Hadid.

I love these rash vests currently on sale by Seafolly.  They can be zipped down to give a super sexy look.  And these Daisy Duke shirts are also great over a bikini, giving a natural girl next door look.

Gold Coast beach shoot

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Lots of swimsuit shoots

Swimsuit photo shoots have been very popular lately.  It’s a great chance to do something a little different to the normal inside glamour shoot.  Why not spend an afternoon like those Sports Illustrated models – lounging around the beach while I capture some beautiful images of you.

I can shoot in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast, as all you need is a bit of water and sand.  The weather is starting to get colder now, so make sure that if you are interested in a beach shoot to get in quick.

swimwear photos Brisbane

Swimsuit photographer

Bikini photo shoot Brisbane

Bikini photographer Gold Coast

Gold Coast swimwear photography

THE perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband

It’s always exciting to start a fresh new year with lots of ideas and goals. For the last few years I have only provided digital images and so in 2014 I’m keen to introduce some exciting new products.

So over the month of January I will be introducing my new products – with a different product every week.

This week I’m introducing the perfect gift for a boyfriend or husband. A SEXY calendar!  Yep its just like the calendars you can buy in the newsagencies but instead of starring all those glamour girls, it stars YOU. Finally, a sexy calendar that you won’t mind your partner oogling over.

Present for boyfriend or spouse

The 12 month calendar can start at any month so you can purchase it at ANY time of year. Each month features a glamorous photo.  Plus when you purchase the calendar package you receive the 12 digital images airbrushed to perfection.  The images are high resolution so you can print them as you wish. Contact me for further details.

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Gold Coast beach shoots at the Spit

Well it’s summer again and that means lots of Gold Coast beach shoots! If you are a bit shy about your bikini shoot then I suggest doing your shoot on a weekday to avoid an audience!

One of my favourite magazines is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I love seeing all the beautiful images when this magazine comes out every February. The models look amazing and the photos are very natural.  I do find it quite funny though that the photographer, models and crew all fly first class overseas to an exotic location, and then you only see a bit of sand and water in the final photograph so it could have been taken at a local beach for all anyone can tell!

The main reason I enjoy shooting outside is that I can capture the blue sky in my photos, and also achieve that gorgeous windswept look.

Here are some recent shots I’ve taken at the Spit.   To view more of my work visit www.nikkibrown.com.au.

Gold Coast beach shoots by Nikki Brown

Gold Coast beach shoots by Nikki Brown Photography


Female photographer Brisbane and Gold Coast

A little bit about me … I specialise solely in glamour shoots as I absolutely love swimsuit and lingerie photography and so I know this style of photography inside out.   Everyone is nervous before a glamour shoot, but they always relax once we meet and start shooting.  As a female photographer I can help put you at ease for your shoot.  My clients always comment on how comfortable they feel being photographed by me.  This is such an important factor for a successful glamour shoot.

I can come to the location of your choice which means that you achieve unique photos that look different to the usual studio glamour shots – whether at your home, a hotel, the beach, or parkland.  I will also give you lots of time and spend over 2 hours photographing you.  I will guide you through the whole shoot and you will have fun.

One of my favourite parts of a shoot is when a client sees their image on the back of my camera and they cannot believe how beautiful they look.  I know the poses and camera angles to accentuate your best assets and flatter your figure.  I will also use my advanced retouching skills to further refine your images.

Visit my website www.nikkibrown.com.au to view more of my images.

Female photographer Brisbane

Female photographer Gold Coast

Female photographer

Gold Coast glamour photographer – Clair’s photo shoot

As a Gold Coast glamour photographer, every few months I book out a hotel apartment for the weekend so that girls can have their glamour shoot in a nice hotel room for minimal cost.  My last hotel shoot weekend was at the beginning of May and it was then that I photographed Clair.

Clair was lucky enough to secure an afternoon time slot which meant she got to do shots both in the hotel room as well as swimsuit shots on the beach.  It can be hard to decide between lingerie or swimwear for your photo shoot, so to do both styles in the one shoot is such a bonus.

As you will see from the photos Clair is a beautiful girl, and she was also lots of fun to shoot with.    The weather was perfect, we had clear blue skies and the afternoon light had such a magical quality.

Here are some of Clair’s gorgeous photos.

Gold Coast glamour photographer

Gold Coast glamour photographer Nikki Brown Photography  Gold Coast glamour photographer www.nikkibrown.com.au


Gold Coast glamour photographer Nikki Brown

Gold Coast glamour photographer female photographer

Nikki Brown is a Gold Coast glamour photographer

Nikki Brown is Gold Coast glamour photographer


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Brisbane Swimsuit Photography – Lisa’s shoot

Meet Lisa, she recently had a Brisbane swimsuit photography shoot.  I know you are going to find it hard to believe, but she is 37 years old and has 3 kids.  And she still looks like a supermodel!  I was sure she must be a gym junkie but alas she just runs to stay fit.

Lisa’s swimsuit shoot was on a Friday, so we had the beach all to ourselves.  For any girls out there that are a little shy I definitely recommend a weekday shoot to avoid the crowds.  It was such a windy day, but it ended up being to our advantage as we got the lovely windswept look.

I get a lot of enquiries from mums who are interested in doing a glamour shoot and they are always concerned about their body not being the way it used to be.  I understand your concerns.  I know that not everyone is going to have a figure like Lisa, and that is okay.  I will use the poses and camera angles that flatter you – that highlight what you and your partner do like about your body, and hides what you don’t.  Photoshop is also amazing at any slight nips and tucks, although I’m a firm believer in only using it to enhance realistically.

Here are some photos from Lisa’s swimsuit shoot.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I wanted to capture that.  I have to confess that I also have a real love of sun flare shots, I find them so natural and beautiful!

Brisbane swimsuit photography by Nikki Brown Photography

Brisbane swimsuit photography by Nikki Brown

Brisbane swimsuit photography by female photographer

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