Dark and moody photos – Brisbane boudoir photographers

Having been in my Brisbane boudoir studio for a couple of years now, I enjoy finding different ways to take photos in my studio space. My studio tends to have quite light furnishings which lends itself to light and bright images, but I also like to mix it up and love playing with light and shadow. I had so much creating these dark and moody photos of some recent clients.

For variety, I will be gradually adding different props and furnishings to my studio.  My aim is always to create something unique for each client, while retaining an obvious style to my boudoir photography.

Thanks to these clients for allowing me to share some of their anonymous photos.

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Brisbane boudoir photographer

Brisbane boudoir photographers


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boudoir photography Brisbane

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Brisbane boudoir photography

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Brisbane boudoir studio – recently refurbished

Ever since I moved into my home studio, the aim has been to have a chandelier.  Well after 6 months of patiently waiting, my Brisbane boudoir studio finally has one.  I am really happy with the elegant look it will add to my boudoir shoots.

It has been a busy week here, not only do I have a new chandelier, but the studio walls have also received a fresh coat of paint.  There has also been a reverse cycle airconditioner added.  This will be fantastic to keep my clients nice and comfortable during their boudoir shoot – whether heated during winter, or cool through the summer months.

I have recently purchased other items, including an occasional chair and various furs and throws.  There is also a new studio background for those clients requiring beauty shots or headshots.

Brisbane boudoir studio

Brisbane boudoir studio

Brisbane boudoir studio











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