Luxe USB of images from your boudoir shoot

So I admit it – I’ve been living in the last century.  I was still providing CDs of my digital images until this past month.  Even though yes I know most laptops don’t even come with a CD slot these days!  So I knew it was time to upgrade to USB, but being someone who struggles with decisions I kept putting it off, until I came across this gorgeous gold key USB.  As soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect fit for my boudoir clients.

These luxe USBs have been such a hit with my clients that I know I made the right decision. I love their reaction when they first see it, they ooh and aah … they want to pick it up, and they literally can’t stop staring at it.

I’m sure any partner would love to receive this gold key to unlock sexy photos of their loved one 🙂  Don’t you agree?

Boudoir shoot Brisbane

Dark and moody photos – Brisbane boudoir photographers

Having been in my Brisbane boudoir studio for a couple of years now, I enjoy finding different ways to take photos in my studio space. My studio tends to have quite light furnishings which lends itself to light and bright images, but I also like to mix it up and love playing with light and shadow. I had so much creating these dark and moody photos of some recent clients.

For variety, I will be gradually adding different props and furnishings to my studio.  My aim is always to create something unique for each client, while retaining an obvious style to my boudoir photography.

Thanks to these clients for allowing me to share some of their anonymous photos.

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Brisbane boudoir photographer

Brisbane boudoir photographers


boudoir photography Brisbane

boudoir photography Brisbane

Gold Coast boudoir photographer Gold Coast boudoir photographyboudoir photographer Brisbane

Brisbane boudoir photography

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Sunshine Coast boudoir photography – a birthday present for hubbie

This gorgeous lady is a reminder to all of us that life doesn’t end at 40.  Embrace your age and your beauty – boudoir shoots definitely aren’t just for 20 year olds!

On her shoot day she told her husband an elaborate lie of where she would be to cover her tracks, and she travelled from the Sunshine Coast to my studio for her boudoir photography shoot.  All so that she could surprise him with a birthday present he would never expect, but would definitely love!

Here is her album, filled with beautiful boudoir images.