Updated Brisbane Boudoir Studio

After a few years with a futon in my studio instead of a bed, it was time for the bed to make a return to my Brisbane boudoir studio. I’ve always loved this bedhead, it is so classy and makes a gorgeous backdrop for boudoir photographs. To say that I am excited for its return would be an understatement. I love having a bed back in the studio!

The chandelier, velvet couch, side table and occasional chair are still part of the studio. I’ve always wanted to add plants to the studio, so I’ll be adding them and other elements gradually to keep things interesting.

If you live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast and you’re looking for classy boudoir photographs, then look no further. I’d love to shoot with you ūüôā

Brisbane boudoir studio

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Long time no post

If you were to look at my neglected blog and social media accounts it would be easy to think I’d disappeared off the face of the earth. So I thought I better rectify that by starting to post again!

As I’m not the best at keeping up-to-date with posting, I thought it best to shelf Facebook and focus on one social media account from now on. My social media of choice will be Instagram, which I’ll be updating regularly. You can find me at www.instagram.com/nikkibrownphotography

Now for some boudoir photographs. My boudoir studio has gorgeous natural light and I love experimenting with different light. If you look throughout my website gallery you’ll find that I capture a lot of clean, light and bright images. But I also really love photographing dark and moody shots to capture a completely different vibe. I believe it’s ideal to capture both styles within the same shoot, in order to provide my clients with variety.

Brisbane boudoir photography
Brisbane boudoir photographer
boudoir shoot Brisbane
Brisbane boudoir photographer
Brisbane boudoir

Brisbane photography studio

Almost 8 months after ordering my lounge suite, it has finally arrived! It was being made in a custom colour and was meant to arrive in March, but Covid caused long and frustrating delays. I am happy it is finally here!  As gorgeous as the bed setting was, it was definitely time for a change.  I wanted something in a similar style – an elegant and classy lounge suite.  It includes a modern chesterfield sofa and occasional chair, both with velvet fabric. I also have new artwork, gorgeous throws, and the mirror changed to silver to complement the new look. (I‚Äôm just waiting on a side table to arrive in the next couple of months, but other than that my new look is complete.) The couch is huge, so don’t worry, I can still capture laying down shots without the bed. I am looking forward to seeing you in my new studio! Nikki PS – If you have been outside Qld recently, please wait a month before booking in your shoot, as myself and my makeup artist are in the higher risk category. Thanks Brisbane boudoir studio

Boudoir images – keep them private or share, the choice is yours

I am so grateful when clients allow me to share their photos online, but respect when clients want to keep them private for their use only.  Clients can choose to share all their photos, share only the anonymous ones, or share none of them.  Here are some recent anonymous boudoir photos.

boudoir images

anonymous boudoir anonymous boudoir photography Brisbane anonymous boudoir photography Brisbane anonymous boudoir photography Brisbane boudoir images

anonymous boudoir Brisbane anonymous boudoir Brisbane anonymous boudoir Brisbane

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Unsure what to wear to your Brisbane boudoir shoot?

I will be the first to admit I¬†love a good lingerie set with stockings and suspenders! But I don’t recommend you bring several of these sets to your shoot.¬†¬†Bring something a bit unique too.

These¬†boudoir outfit tips¬†used to be located on my website¬†and I’ve had to remove them to make space for new galleries, so I¬†decided to put them together in¬†a blog post.¬†¬† I hope they provide ideas that you may not have considered:what to wear to boudoir shoot what to wear to boudoir shoot what to wear to boudoir shoot Brisbane boudoir outfit tips Brisbane boudoir outfit tips Brisbane boudoir outfit tips Brisbane boudoir outfit tips Brisbane boudoir outfit tips¬† Brisbane boudoir outfit tips Brisbane boudoir outfit tips Brisbane boudoir outfit tips Brisbane boudoir outfit tips

Brisbane boudoir what to wear Brisbane boudoir what to wear Brisbane boudoir what to wear

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New Brisbane boudoir studio setting

New year, new studio setting!¬† 2019 saw the last of¬†the bedhead and double bed in my studio.¬† It was beautiful, but after 4 years it was definitely time to move on.¬† When I look back on my photos I realised that I didn’t often get my bedhead in for the photos, and¬†the double bed took up a lot of studio space. I have ordered an elegant and modern velvet chesterfield and occasional chair to replace the bed and it should¬†arrive shortly. Variety is the spice of life and I am excited by this change and looking forward to exploring new angles and poses in my new studio!

In the meantime here are some images from my 2019 studio setting.

new Brisbane boudoir studio

new Brisbane boudoir studio

new Brisbane boudoir studio

new Brisbane boudoir studio

new Brisbane boudoir studio new Brisbane boudoir studio

new Brisbane boudoir studio

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Swimsuit photography Brisbane

Photographing environmentally is currently my favourite thing to do, and at the end of 2019 I had a number of requests for swimsuit photos by a pool, rather than on the beach.  What I love about pool shoots is that it can be very private, as opposed to a beach where there are normally other people around. This is important if you are quite self-conscious about being watched.  Of course home pools are ideal, however hotel pools can also have limited people around, especially if the hotel caters to business clients, rather than young families.  Also, the wind is much calmer by the pool, than by the beach, and there is also no sand to contend with!

Years ago when a client wanted to photograph at a hotel pool, we would need to ask the hotel for permission to be granted.  Now with the popularity of camera phones and Instagram, the hotels are much more laid back.

It is a great idea to do a lingerie shoot in a hotel room, and then have some extra shots by the pool.¬† I don’t charge any extra for this as I think it is great for¬†my clients to have¬†the variety.¬†Alternatively if you have previously done a boudoir shoot, and wanting to do a second shoot, then a swimsuit shoot is a great idea¬†to capture something different.

My aim is to do many more swimsuit shoots this year, and with summer here, now is the perfect time!

swimsuit photography Gold Coast

swimsuit photography Brisbane  swimwear photography Brisbane

swimsuit photography Brisbane

swimwear photography Brisbane

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Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot

This is the beautiful¬†Jen, who is having her second child in December.¬† I really enjoy¬†maternity photo shoots, it is such a special time¬†and definitely needs to be documented, after all it¬†usually only happens once or twice in your life!¬† Personally I felt at my¬†most beautiful¬†during my pregnancies and I’m so glad that I got in front of the camera.¬† I’m sure you’ll agree that Jen is glowing ūüôā

Brisbane maternity shoot

Brisbane maternity shoot

Brisbane maternity shoot Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot    Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot

Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot

Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot

Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot

Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot

Brisbane maternity boudoir shoot

Jen chose to shoot in bras¬†& undies¬†and¬†implied topless, but don’t feel that you have to if that is not you.¬† Your clothing choices for your maternity shoot¬†are completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

Whether you¬†are a previous client who has done a bridal boudoir shoot with me and now expecting a little one, or we haven’t met yet¬† ‚Ķ¬†let’s make a time to create some gorgeous pregnancy memories!


Townsville boudoir photographer – October 2018

To all the North Queensland ladies, my next Townsville dates have been booked in! I will be returning to Townsville in less than three months time on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October!  Each client will receive a private one-on-one shoot in a modern hotel room, where I will guide you through your 2 hour photo shoot.

These are the only dates I will be in Townsville this year and it is the perfect timing so you can have your partner’s Christmas gift all organised and ready for them.¬† Take the stress out of your Christmas shopping by choosing between my¬† golden key USB for your partner to unlock your sexy digital images, or a beautiful album to treasure forever (with USB included).¬† Either option is sure to make your partner super happy this Christmas! And for all the single ladies, YOU deserve a wonderful Christmas gift all for yourself too!

I have 7 spots, however they are going quickly and as of this writing I now only have 4 spots left.  So make sure to get in touch soon!

Townsville boudoir photographer

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Luxe USB of images from your boudoir shoot

So I admit it – I’ve been living in the last century.¬† I was still providing CDs of my digital images until this past month.¬† Even though yes I know most laptops don’t even come with a CD slot these days!¬† So I knew it was time to upgrade to USB, but being someone who struggles with decisions I kept putting it off, until I came across this gorgeous gold key USB.¬† As soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect fit for my boudoir clients.

These¬†luxe USBs have been such a hit with my clients that I know I made the right decision. I love their reaction when they first see it, they ooh and aah … they want to pick it up, and they literally can’t stop staring at it.

I’m sure any partner would love to receive this gold key to unlock sexy photos of their loved one ūüôā¬† Don’t you agree?

Boudoir shoot Brisbane