Supermodels really are just normal girls …

I found this on the internet and just had to share it.  Wow.  Who would have thought that supermodels could look like normal girls without the hair, makeup and amazing photography.  They are still beautiful – but no more so than many girls I see everyday and photograph.  They don’t actually wake up looking like their magazine photos, so let’s all stop comparing ourselves to their ‘after’ photos!  Have a glamour photo shoot done and you too can look like a model.

Supermodels before



Calling all tattooed girls – Inked Girls Photography

I have just had my Inked Girls Australia magazine scanned so I can show off some of the photos that I have had published.  As I have mentioned before I am so in love with this magazine!  The girls always look confident and gorgeous – and the photography is so natural and raw.  I buy every single issue because I find it so inspirational.

Three of my clients have now been featured in Inked Girls and I have had 10 photographs published in the magazine.

If there are any tattooed girls out there I would love to do a photo shoot to capture your beautiful artwork.  I can also submit photos from your shoot to Inked Girls magazine and other tattoo magazines for possible publication.

Here are some of the magazine tear sheets of model Sara who was so amazing to photograph.  To see other published shoots visit the publications section of my website

Inked Girls Magazine  inked girls photography

Tattoo photographer Brisbane

Tattoo photography Brisbane


Brisbane Fitness Photography – Hot Fox Fitness

I often get asked if I do fitness photography and the answer is yes definitely!  I really enjoy shooting in the gym and using the gym equipment in the shots.

I recently did a fitness photo shoot for Belinda, owner of Hot Fox Fitness.  If you are currently looking for a Brisbane personal trainer, then get in touch with Belinda.  She has such a lovely nature, which would be so beneficial in a training environment.  She also has a motivational blog which has loads of fitness tips and inspiration.  Check it out at

Fitness Photography

Fitness Photographer

Fitness Photo Shoot


Brisbane Swimsuit Photography – Lisa’s shoot

Meet Lisa, she recently had a Brisbane swimsuit photography shoot.  I know you are going to find it hard to believe, but she is 37 years old and has 3 kids.  And she still looks like a supermodel!  I was sure she must be a gym junkie but alas she just runs to stay fit.

Lisa’s swimsuit shoot was on a Friday, so we had the beach all to ourselves.  For any girls out there that are a little shy I definitely recommend a weekday shoot to avoid the crowds.  It was such a windy day, but it ended up being to our advantage as we got the lovely windswept look.

I get a lot of enquiries from mums who are interested in doing a glamour shoot and they are always concerned about their body not being the way it used to be.  I understand your concerns.  I know that not everyone is going to have a figure like Lisa, and that is okay.  I will use the poses and camera angles that flatter you – that highlight what you and your partner do like about your body, and hides what you don’t.  Photoshop is also amazing at any slight nips and tucks, although I’m a firm believer in only using it to enhance realistically.

Here are some photos from Lisa’s swimsuit shoot.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I wanted to capture that.  I have to confess that I also have a real love of sun flare shots, I find them so natural and beautiful!

Brisbane swimsuit photography by Nikki Brown Photography

Brisbane swimsuit photography by Nikki Brown

Brisbane swimsuit photography by female photographer

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